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Covid App at work

So I work at one of the biggest casinos in Southern California and during the pandemic we've had to wear masks, socially distance, temp checks on the way in, the norm. Well a few days ago they had us sign a paper saying we acknowledge that we are required to download a tracking app to our phones that we can use to sign in once we're on property and it will let us know if we've been in contact with another employee who tested positive. Obviously the majority of us are in uproar asking why we need to this etc. And their answer is we either get it or we won't be allowed to work, and our location services must be turned on while I work. I fucking hate this cause they're forcing us to get it. Now I thought this was something in house but no turns out it's a 3rd party app. I know my life isn't important enough for it to matter wether someone is monitoring my location or not but fuck this is just weird as shit and I really wish I had the option to say I don't want that garbage on my phone.
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Workplace spying.

First I want to thank you guys for in response to that may get your time is very valuable right now. My mom works for one of the largest casinos in Southern California. They are now requiring her to wear a cell phone on her at all times, even though cell phones are strictly prohibited throughout the whole entire facility in the casino. Is this common practice or common law for them to be allowed to track and locate all their employees whereabouts through a 3rd party company or is this something that is going too far?
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Flat betting + Martingale Mixed Strat.

Hi everyone, I'm new here and also new to Baccarat. I'm here with the intention of finding fellow gamblers near me, making friends to share and discuss strategies using constructive criticism.
So I became interested in baccarat after coming across Christopher Mitchell's youtube videos. Now now, let's set aside the notion of him being a scammer or not a scammer. And no, I didn't buy his strategies nor have I paid him to coach me. So read on.
I've watched all his vids and after studying the game and analyzing multiple score cards, I've developed a strategy I named 'Flatingale'. It encompasses table minimum flat betting combined with martingale. Basically knowing when to constant flat bet, when to martingale, how to play with long single chops, short win streaks and long win streaks of Player and Banker. So I brought a bankroll of $4,150 to Pala Casino in Southern California(they only have EZ Baccarat non-commissioned tables so I don't have any other choice). Tried the strat for the first time and won $275 profit after a hard battle of 2 shoes. Martingale got to a scare point when I had to go up to the 5th martingale of $800 to which 6th is the final. Knowing that you can only win using martingale in the short-run and the House always win in the long-run no matter what, I've made adjustments and tweaks to 'Flatingale' so NOT to be over-relying on or abusing it; losing several thousands of $ in 7 bets is NOT a good feeling nor experience.
Anyways, hit me up if you want to chat more and share your opinions and experiences. Or if you're close by, maybe we can meet up, chat about baccarat and maybe do a casino run together. I'm currently playing at Pala, Harrah's and Valley View but planning to travel to others such as Morongo.
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Can we have a thread where we expose shitty companies who showed signs of ignorance to their employees safety during the outbreak?

A lot of companies showed that they don't care about their workers health. I believe these things should be documented so that once the outbreak is over we know what companies we should "boycott" and not buy from anywhere. I'm talking about companies like Gamestop who asked their workers to bring their own cleaning supplies. Starbucks who under pressure finally gave their workers 30 days off of work.
We should also value the good businesses who acted quickly.
What do you think? Is there a list already made?
Edit: ANOTHER UPDATE! **GameStop - Refused to give their employees paid time off & claimed to be an essential store.
McDonalds - Five billion dollar company, no paid sick time.
Hobby Lobby - The wife got a "revelation" from God, so they refuse to close.
Kroger - Company (at least some locations) banned their employees from wearing covers over their nose and mouth because "it would scare the customers".
Vitamin Shoppe - They considers themselves an essential facility under the guise of a pharmacy (even though nothing sold there is FDA approved.) They failed to address the severity of the pandemic in a timely manner and failed to provide employees with any proper guidance or cleaning supplies in the last two weeks while stores saw a huge surplus of 5000+ customers who came in for immune supplements.
Starbucks - They cracked under the pressure and finally decided to give their employees paid time off, but still deserve to be on the list because it took employees publicly "crying for help".
Goodwill Colorado - Asking people to take time off from their own vacation time and just reducing store hours.
Bombardier aerospace - "No signs of shutting down but we are allowed to take time off without pay. Planes aren’t flying but we still have to work."
All the following big brands: Walmart, Taco Bell, Pizza Hut, Dollar General, Target, Burger King, Wendy's, Dunkin Donuts, CVS, KFDC, Quiktrip
Dillards - Many are elderly and/or compromised. Dillards refuses to close, or acknowledge anything on social media. The CEO is in talks with the Walmart CEO attempting to get Dillards employees to work there while this goes on instead of sending people home.
Westgate Resorts - Refuses to allow HQ office employees to work from home. They passed out VPNs to employees but still wont let them.
Sportsman's Warehouse - They aren't really taking any precautions besides closing early and customers are starting to flood the store more and more to buy firearms.
Massage Envy - None of them are closing voluntarily, and there is absolutely no way to do social distancing as a massage therapist.
Bloom Energy - They have assembly workers in Sunnyvale, CA (under shelter in place) and Delaware that they're forcing to work. Remember that a lot of these folks are immigrants, nearing elderly, and uneducated and they're taking advantage of that.
A lot of Hospitals - Unaware on how to handle this outbreak/patients, a lot of them are not equipped for this outbreak so there have been stories of malpractices being done such as sending people home while they were showing major symptoms of the virus.
Family Video - They are claiming to be essential because they sell some CBD. The current plan if anyone there catches this is to have someone else come in, clean down the store overnight, and run it the next day like nothing happened.
Intertek Automotive Research - Literally were told we’re going to keep working until someone at the company gets the virus.
The Fresh Market - "today I was sent home because wearing masks and gloves is apparently causing “more danger to myself and others”, they also aren’t sanitizing carts and baskets. As a cashier I am appalled we are being treated this way. I told management I would be happy to work as long as I was able to take measures to protect myself and potentially my family"
Dillard’s - Don't care about the health of their employees.
Chili’s- Orlando airport asked employees to come in to clean....and then fired them. Chili’s is owned by Brinker Intl. - FYI, The chili’s in the Orlando Airport IS NOT from Chili’s corporate.
Home Depot - Washington Area - They have given us 2 weeks sick leave IF we choose to use it. We are being pressured not to. Called constantly to come in and cover more shifts for those that are calling out.
Arizona State University - Arizona State University has really showed their true colors in this. Recommending students move out of on campus housing but refusing to give us refunds for the housing and meals we won’t be using or the classes that we signed up to take in person that’ll now be online.
Epiq. Inc. - there is a sick employee with concerning symptoms and we are going into work at outside tomorrow.
Many of the casinos in Southern California. They only closed due to the mandatory shut down. By that time, a few employees already got infected. **
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Cool lady yells white power at my bar

I'm a floor manager at a casino in southern California, and am half Mexican which will become pertinent later.
Yesterday afternoon I was behind the bar for a bit while a bartender was running to the restroom. I went around and said hello to all the guests and checked in on them.
One lady, let's name her Karen, mood suddenly shifted. She ordered a pack of smokes and complained about the price, NBD. Then she started giving me the run around. A new water, asking if we sold lighters (we give out free matches), wanting me to clear some trash, now a juice, etc.She wasn't a fun customer, but nothing I couldn't handle and haven't handled 9999999 times.
Until I was serving a black couple in the well. I completed their transaction and was walking around the bar to grab something and I thought I heard Karen yell, "white power!" I thought I must have been losing my mind because surely, no one would yell that in the middle of a casino. So I brushed it off and thought I must have misheard.
I'm making more round and Karen asked me my name I said my name was Chad (I have an equally white sounding first name). She said squinted and said, "That's only what they tell you to go by."
I was really confused and said "Well it is short for Chadwick," and laughed.
Karen replied, "Where are you from? Did you get here via the Tijuana underground or something."
I immediately asked her for her casino card and said, "Mam we can't serve you anymore. You're being cut off for the next 24 hours." She actually said "okay" and accepted it.
My bartender came back at this time. As I was leaving the bar a patron stopped me and said, "you know she yelled white power right?"
I replied, "I thought I heard that, but I thought I was just making it up in my mind because it's so crazy. We're going to get her to leave now."
I got security and the casino manager out to the bar. They began talking to Karen and she put on the tears about her ex-husband. When that didn't work she requested to escalate, the casino manager let her know that there was no one higher than her. Then the guest somehow knew the chief and she was going to go to him. She eventually accepted her fate and left.
She's now excluded for 30 days and I'm a happy man. I can't wait to serve her again in 30 days so I can get her kicked out forever.
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Graton casino CA

I see that graton casino in Northern California is open but I can’t find anything on whether their games are 5 handed 6 handed or full ring. Does anybody know?
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[FIGHT THREAD] Vergil Ortiz Jr vs. Brad Solomon, Alberto Machado vs. Luis Porozo

[FIGHT THREAD] Vergil Ortiz Jr vs. Brad Solomon, Alberto Machado vs. Luis Porozo
  • Date: Friday, Dec. 13, 2019
  • Time: 7:30 p.m. ET
  • Main event: 11:30 p.m. ET (approximate)
  • Live stream: DAZN
  • Location: Fantasy Springs Resort Casino in Indio, California
Vergil Ortiz Jr. vs. Brad Solomon for the WBA (Gold) 147 pound belt
Alberto Machado vs. Luis Porozo
Bektemir Melikuziev vs. Vaughn Alexander
Alexis Rocha vs. Roberto Valenzuela
Serhii Bohachuk vs. Carlos Galvan
Ferdinand Kerobyan vs. Fernando Carcamo
Luis Feliciano vs. Herbert Acevedo
Erik Bazinyan vs. Saul Roman
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Can a job force your resignation if you're furloughed due to COVID-19 and you don't return a voicemail?

Hi, I'm asking this question on behalf of my mother.
My mom was furloughed in March because of COVID-19 and her original position is no longer open. At her job, a co-worker of hers passed away and another person recently tested positive. She's been scared to go back to work because she's a high-risk individual. It's not safe.
She works at casino in Northern California (it's on a reservation) and she recently received this e-mail from a supervisor ( She also received a voicemail from a Department Manager earlier this afternoon and hasn't yet responded. Can her non-response legally be considered as a resignation? Especially if she hasn't signed anything?
I appreciate anyone's advice on this.
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DOJ Shuts Down California Cardroom 5/19/20

Hey all -
Yesterday I heard that Towers Casino in Grassvalley California had opened and ran a game on Monday. I went yesterday to play, and the DOJ came in and busted it up. Here are two links, first one is when the DOJ came in, second one is the owner speaking her mind. There was also an article in the sac bee. - Article - DOJ Coming in - Owner Rant
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The Last Dad Joke

This was the last joke (wise crack) my father made before he died...
(Background) My father was diagnosed with ALS (Lou Gehrig's Disease) in his late 50's. Watching him deteriorate was painful for me, but he always kept his sense of humor. As he was nearing the end of his life, he was confined to a wheelchair with a brace to hold his head up, and had a feeding tube. He could still talk, although it was very difficult to understand him. Before he got sick, he loved to go to the casinos in southern California. My mom wasn't as big a fan, so he would often go by himself. One last tidbit about ALS - while all of your muscles atrophy, your libido remains in tact...
I stopped by my parents house after work one day, as I typically did, to check and see how dad was doing. I asked what he did that day, expecting to get the typical, "Nothing much.". But in his slurred speech, Dad said, "Your mom took me to the casino!"
Knowing that wasn't something my mom would be super thrilled to do, I said, "Really? What's the special occasion?"
With a sly smile, my dad said, "I told her she can take me to the casino, or we could have sex!"
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Looking for Wizard of Oz Munchkinland and/or the new Willy Wonka cabinet games in Southern California

As title says, I'm looking for the new Munchkinland and Willy Wonka by Scientific Gaming in any casinos in Southern California. I realize that licensed titles are a waste of money but I enjoy these type of games. If anyone sees any of these can they give me a holler? Thank you!
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I was hired mid quarter at my employer, and did not receive any amount of bonus for that quarter. Am I entitled to any amount?

Backstory; I recently got hired at a casino in Southern California. The Casino hired me end of April, but started a employee bonus program that promised a bonus if certain production goals were met. Specifically if reviews reached a certain threshold. We met these goals however I received 0 bonus. I am in a union and HR has not gotten back to me after I inquired about it.
My question to legaladvice is; am i legally entitled to any amount of this bonus? If so what is my course of action now that it seems that the company is intentionally avoiding paying out this bonus to me. If I am not entitled to it, why not? I worked torwards this goal with everyone else.
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Casino withholding winnings because I wont sign w9 form.

I went to the casino and played blackjack and baccarat and throughout my winning session I cashed out around 2500, 3000. On the last cash out they told me I needed to file. CTR with them. I ask to see my transactions so I can verify I went over the 10k threshold. They would not provide this information. So the casino is holding over 3k of my money till I do so. The next day, I went back and had the police called. They stated that I needed to file w9 form which is different than a CTR. So they are asking different things.
1.First question, are they allowed to hold my money in this situation?
  1. If requested, why cant they provide me my transactions through the day in order to verify I went over the amount.
  2. If the w9 is for tax purposes how do I know what will be taxed. For example, im not even sure how much I made that day as I played for 8 hours and since it was blackjack. I can just pull cash from my pocket and get chips. So will they give me a amount they think I won?
Edit- casino is in California
Thanks for any answers in advance.
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What happens when you have to start over...

A few weeks ago, there was a post about starting over. I was going to make a post but even after a year and a half, I am still kicking myself over the loss.
I had brought my inked pens with me on a much needed mini-vacation to one of those Indian casinos in Central California in May 2016. I’m not really into casinos, but a free hotel room is always nice. I don’t know when it got lost, but some time during that trip I lost my pen pouch (and some makeup, but that’s easily replaceable).
I didn’t realize until a couple days later when I finally unpacked my boredom bag. I searched everywhere, called the hotel, and even drove the 4 hours back up there the next weekend to just double check. Alas, nothing. They were gone.
I was so depressed. Actually... it was more like depression ON TOP of my regular depression. I was mad at myself for putting them in an overstuffed bag that didn’t have a zipper. I couldn’t believe how careless I was. Most of the pens could be replaced... but that vintage Waterman was my favorite and the Sailor Pro Gear Slim was a limited edition (and my first purchase from pen_swap). I couldn’t bring myself to even think about replacing them for quite some time. Didn’t start until the end of 2016 with the Wahl and the Pilot Prera. Throughout 2017, I bought several pens, but didn’t ink them or actively get back into the hobby until the end of last year (depression sucks y’all)
Here are two pics: the first is what I lost, the second is my collection now. Only the Lamys and the PSP Soquel (under the Kawecos) are left from when I first started. I think I have a few Ahabs and a sorta broken Monteverde from back then too.
The good thing about starting over is that you now know what you like. No need to waste time over Pens you’re not interested in, which is how I feel about affordable Chinese pens and modern American pens. I now know I’m really partial to Japanese nibs. I prefer fine (or finer) nibs for everyday writing and vintage fountain pens over anything modern/dip when it comes to flex/soft nibs. I also now know that feedback weirds me out a bit, that I am not into Lamy, and that I’m really drawn to nibs with the little heart feeder thing.
As far as pen purchasing for the future... as I’ve said somewhere here before... I only have a few left to buy before feeling content but who knows, maybe I’ll have that “just one more pen” feeling forever.
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CMV: people of Native American decent don't deserve the incredible privilege we (California) give them.

I recently got a job at an Indian casino in southern California. Obvi the name will be left out, but suffice to say it's a big one. Just found out, from a tribal member, that they get around $30,000 a MONTH!
How does this happen? It's absolutely deplorable and they don't deserve anything that the rest of us don't. My father is from the Azores and 400 years ago they were forced out of Portugal and almost brought to extinction. My mom is Polish, and my grampa came here during WWII to escape the same fate.
Why in the world do some people think it's acceptable that they get this kind of reparation?
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What goes on at the Casino in Heartfelt, California

Have you ever been to the casino in Heartfelt, California? If you haven’t, that’s probably a good thing. The people that find us are addicts. Gambling addicts, of course, but also every other kind. Drugs, sex, videogames, food, alcohol. You name it. If you want to find the casino you have to hit rock bottom first.
People that arrive here are beyond help. Or at least, believe that they are beyond help. From the outside, the casino looks different depending on what a person is looking for.
To a food addict, it will look like the entrance to a massive restaurant. They see a neon sign that says something like “FREE ALL YOU CAN EAT, 24/7”.
To a person who’s addicted to painkillers, it will appear as a shady little clinic. A piece of print paper on the door that reads “We are looking for volunteers between the ages of 18-68. You will be trying out various new medications containing a new, more potent form of morphine for thirty days. Come in and inquire.”
To you, these advertisements may seem ridiculous. “Who would fall for that?” you think. “These obviously sound too good to be true, to anyone”.
But remember that the people that find us have lost everything. They have no money and are often homeless and cut off by all their family and friends. Of course they are going to come in and try.
Once someone steps inside, they go through a narrow hallway. At the end of that is a door. This door leads to the casino, and once they go through it, they forget all about the promises enshrined on the entrance. All they know is that they were walking through town at one point, and now they are here.
They see rows upon rows of slot machines, tables, blinking lights. People in glittery outfits carrying large glasses filled with vibrant cocktails on metal trays.
Our new guest soon realizes that he – and let’s say that this person is a he for the purposes of story-telling, and that he is addicted to heroin, and let’s call him John, also – has no money, and needs to work on his addiction before the sickness sets in.
John knows that his ex-girlfriend, Clair’s parents are on vacation in Costa Rica, and that they keep a spare house key under the green-potted fern around back. He also knows that Clair’s father has Vicodin pills from his doctor, because he was in a work accident, but that he does not use them because he’s an asshole who takes every opportunity to show what a hardass he is. It won’t be much, but it will hold John over until next week, when The Home Depot sends him his final paycheck.
John is thinking all this, and already starting to turn around, when he feels a set of firm, yet soft fingers clutching his arm. Amid all the beeping and flashing from the slot machines, John didn’t notice anyone approaching him.
“Leaving, so soon?” the woman smiles.
She has black hair and green eyes. Just like John’s girlfriend in High School. The nice one, that snuck notes with doodles of cats and hearts into his lunchbox when he wasn’t looking.
“Yeah,” John replies, and he shuffles around on his feet.
“I’m not much of a casino-going type of guy.”
“Oh, but you don’t even know our prizes!” the woman loosens her grip around John’s arm but holds onto him.
“Look,” John says. “I don’t like gambling. Hate it. And I actually don’t have any money, so…”
He pulls away, and the woman let’s go of his arm.
“Money!” she laughs, as though it is the most ridiculous thing she has ever heard of.
“But we are not an ordinary casino. And we don’t like to use the word “gambling” anyway, we prefer to call it trading.”
“Yeah, well, you may not be an ordinary casino, but I still don’t have cash.”
“You don’t need any money.”
“Oh no? What is it then? A credit card? I don’t have that either.
Look, just leave me alone.” He turns around to leave.
“Heroin!” the woman yells after him, with a hint of panic in her voice. She hasn’t worked here very long yet.
“That’s what you’re looking for right? Heroin.”
“No, I’m not,” John replies, almost instinctively. But he turns around to face the woman anyway. She ignores him.
“We don’t have heroin here, but we have something far better. And you can play for as long as you want and win enough of it for a lifetime. A long lifetime, because what we have does not kill you like heroin does.”
“What are you talking about?” John is confused, but the woman now has his full attention.
She takes a metal case out of her front pocket and opens it. In it is an assortment of unremarkable little white pills. These pills are the only prize that the casino has to offer.
“You can try one before you play,” she says, holding one of the pills out to John, in between her fingers.
John hesitates.
“I don’t know.”
Suddenly, the thought of taking the professionally pressed pill from this friendly-eyed woman is a hundred times more daunting than snorting a bag of who-knows-what from a pervert under the bridge. The woman pops the little pill into her own mouth and swallows it.
“See!” she says, her confidence regained. “I take them myself. All the time.”
She takes another pill out of the box and holds it out to John.
“You only live once.” She says it unironically. John takes the pill.
“Let’s go inside. I’ll give you a tour.”
They walk past the poker table, and the Yahtzee, and they even have Risk, which they also pass, when John suddenly realizes that the casino is beautiful.
The colors, they’re everywhere. They’re bright, but not blinding. The noises from the slot machines form a rhythm that becomes a song. A song that John has never heard before and never would have, if it weren’t for the pill.
He feels happy. His problems seem so minor. And he knows that he can take on the world. Or most of it. All within reason. Because he isn’t high. He is awake, and alert and sharp. There is no guilt on his mind. No sadness. He isn’t erratic and doesn’t feel like going to sleep. For the first time in decades, he is glad to be alive in the world.
The woman stops at a long table, headed by a disinterested man. His name is Eric. I hired him.
“What is he trading?” Eric asks the black-haired woman, while glaring at John.
“What do you think?” the woman asks John.
“I don’t know. Like I said, I don’t have any money.”
“How about… a finger,” she says.
“A finger,” John repeats.
“Five pills for your own, ten for someone else’s,” Eric drones.
John looks around and notices that he is the only guest in the casino. The employees in the glittery outfits are gone as well, but he doesn’t remember those. His throat feels dry. Somewhere inside him, something feels off. An hour ago he would’ve given up his right arm for a dose of heroin, but the idea of giving up a finger for these strange pills, under these weird circumstances seems bizarre.
“Can I play the slot machines instead?” he asks.
“Those?” the woman points to the machines in the back. They are silent, and the lights no longer flash.
“Those aren’t slot machines, they’re dispensers. You can make a trade there, if you prefer.”
“No,” that’s alright. John shakes his head.
“So, are you trading or…” Eric plants his palms down onto the table.
“Yes,” John says. His head feels foggy now. Are the pills wearing off already?
“Can I – can I just have another pill first?” he asks.
“No,” the woman says. “You have to trade first.”
Something has changed about her demeaner. John doesn’t like it. She folds her arms across her chest.
“Someone else’s finger?” John asks.
“Yes,” Eric sighs. “If you don’t want us to take your finger, someone you care about will lose one in an accident tonight and we’ll go out to collect it.”
“How will you take my finger?” John asks.
“Depends,” the woman says. “We apply local anesthesia and you stick it in that hole over there” - she points to a small hole in the side of the table – “or we cut it off, with pain, and you get two extra pills.”
“I – I will do it without pain.”
“With pain, you said?” Eric says, reaching for John’s hand.
“No!” John says. “Without!”
Eric and the woman laugh. They like these kinds of jokes. They’ll probably date at some point.
The woman reaches into her breast pocket again and takes out a long needle. She takes John’s left hand, which is shaking slightly, and injects an amber liquid into his pinky finger. It goes numb.
They both look at John. He knows what to do, but he wants to hear it again. Nobody says anything. The casino is quiet. He sticks his pinky finger into the hole on the side of the table. He hears the quick flashing of a blade and feels it going through his finger. It doesn’t hurt.
He takes his stump out of the hole and looks at it. Fresh, pink skin covers what should be an open wound.
The woman smiles. She takes out five pills and gives them to John. He eats two and puts away the rest.
By this time, heroin is nothing but a vague memory in John’s mind. All that is left is the little white pills. The pills are the answer, he thinks. The key to feeling high, yet clean. The key to participating in the world without sickness.
“Can I trade another finger?” he asks.
The woman laughs. It’s a cackle.
“You only have ten of them! Do you think that fifty pills are going to hold you over for the rest of your life?”
John shakes his head. He knows they won’t.
Thankfully, there are more valuable things than fingers.
He sells all of the memories that he has of his mother when she was alive, for sixty pills. The image of her smiling in a fishing boat is the last one to silently fizzle out. In a Pasadena apartment, a man wakes up screaming. All his teeth are gone. The man is John’s father. John gets seventy-five pills.
“I want to stop,” he tells the woman. “I will just come back another time.”
“Stop?” she repeats. “What makes you think you can come back another time?”
“Why couldn’t I?” asks John.
“Do you even know what this place is called? It has no name. It is not on Yelp, or any map, and you won’t find it at this location again. You can only come here once.”
So John keeps going. He trades two months off of the life of the gentleman that has always run the corner shop where John grew up, for eighty. His chance at ever finding love for seventy-five. Five years off of his own life for five-thousand.
The woman has stopped giving him pills. She gives him a little plastic card instead. It’s completely white and blank.
“You can use that at any slot machine at any casino, whenever you want to dip into your supply,” Eric says.
John believes him.
He gives up his ex-girlfriend, Claire’s health for six-thousand. Then that of his High School girlfriend, the nice one, for eight-thousand. Both will die before they’re thirty-eight.
Three of John’s toes go into the slasher. He can still walk, but barely. He trades his hair, and the ability to grow it anywhere ever again on his body.
The game goes on until John has tens of thousands of pills, and nothing left to trade.
“You should go now,” the woman says.
John stands next to the table. He wants to cry. He thinks of his shitty little apartment, where his fat orange tabby, Jeff, won’t be waiting for him this time.
He takes another couple of pills. The woman becomes impatient. She grabs him by the arm, brusquely this time, and walks him out the door.
“Thank you for visiting, enjoy the rest of your life.”
She pushes him out into the street. Traffic loudly flashes around him. Street lamps buzz. It’s night. He’s alone.
That’s what goes on at the casino in Heartfelt, California. If you or a loved one is struggling with addiction, you should come seek us out. We will always be there, if you look hard enough.
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Jonathan Chen claims first prize at HPT Main Event

The Heartland Poker Tour is on the most exciting tournament for those who reside in California, due to the fact that many poker professionals attend it every year. Even though the prize pool is not impressive by their standards, the poker pros enjoy playing here and they never miss out on the opportunity. For the outsiders, the competition is obviously going to be more intense, but there are not many who would relinquish the chance of playing against professionals. The buy-in for this tournament was the standard $1650, which is in line with the entry fees for most main events hosted by the HPT. The organizers expected around 500 players to participate, but their estimations were exceeded, as 583 entries were created. The prize pool exceeded expectations, with those who made the money being left to compete for a total of $845k and the winner was guaranteed a prize of $160,000. It all took place at the Commerce Casino in Commerce, California and among the most notable players were professionals David Baker and Shawn Motameni. None of them made the final table, but there were poker pros who finished in the money, with the most successful one being Stan Jablonski who finished in the 40th place and received a cool $4230. More important is that by surviving the bubble, he outshined Craig Casino for the more cashes on the Heartland Poker Tour. Jonathan Chen had his ups and downs at the final table, but in the end he prevailed at the expense of David Rosenbloom in the heads-up. For his efforts, he received $159,000, while the runner-up had to settle for $112,000, still more than a consolation prize. This is how the final table results looked like: 1 Jonathan Chen Alameda, CA $159,7802 David Rosenbloom Los Angeles, CA $112,0103 Danny Geyser Redondo Beach, CA $72,0204 Bruce Kramer Westminster, CA $53,3405 Peter Hengsakul Pasadena, CA $39,9906 Chris Hyden Laguna Beach, CA $32,0407 Ron Jenkins Los Angeles, CA $26,7108 Jeff Madsen Los Angeles, CA $21,3009 Gary Hawkins Long Beach, CA $15,980 Those who don't like the idea of traveling long distances to participate in live events, but got hooked to the adrenaline rush of tournaments will find a reliable partner in Ladbrokes Poker. The biggest events are scheduled for the weekend, with the Sunday tournament being the highlight and the poker room runs qualifiers for it throughout the week.
via Casinoreviews
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Sunday 3AM

First things first....I work at a very well known casino in Lincoln, California. I'm a Porter and I work the graveyard shift. Pretty much what I do is deliver water to bars, do garbage, replace bags, help servers, bartenders and barbacks. I'm used to strange people because criminals, meth heads, and just straight up weirdos are always here at this time. People don't scare me. I'm a 6 foot, beefy fellow, and there are cameras everywhere. There is only one area that unnerves me, that unnerves all of the porters and it is the second floor storage area. All the porters don't like it, and we always pair up when one of us has to go up there. The reason is that it is so loud on the casino floor and the staff halls, but it is too quiet on the second floor. That's probably the reason. Well Gerald, my best work buddy who is a 6'9'' 290 pound ginger with a beard, and I had to take the portable bar in the storage area in our section. I grabbed the heavy one, and he grabbed the other one, we took the giant elevator up and started walking. Now this is important, it is a 90 ft walk with 3 large right turns into the actual storage room, and this hall had scaffolding everywhere because of the construction at the hotel which was directly above so we have to maneuver and serpentine around. It's quieter than usual, because the air conditioner isn't on due to the construction which resumes at 8 AM. We make it to the storage room. The storage room is massive. There are five chain linked fenced blocks with about 1-3 sections per block. Each block is about 83 feet by 45 feet with pathways in between which fit about 6 people standing shoulder to shoulder. Now each block has a different level of visibility. Some you can see in between the shelves, others don't go over four feet high so you could see anything over 4 feet. And others have zero visibility. Our section is the the third block, take a left and it the last section. There are also very few cameras. We put away the bars without much issues. We walk back and chat about the justice league. We make it 20 feet to the exit to the hall, and I heard something. Heh heh heh heh heh. It sounded like someone covered their mouth and laughed. Which is weird because no one is supposed to be up here but Gerald and I. I stopped and turned my head slightly behind me, Gerald stopped and looked at me, confused. "Did you hear that?" "Hear what?" We both listened intently and sure enough the soft cackling occurred again. "What the fuck was that?" "I don't know, let's leave," I said. "Wait let's see what it was!" He replied. I watch horror movies and I know a cliche when I see one. I pointed this out and Gerald said he was going to investigate it, and splitting up would be a way more dangerous option. I reluctantly go with him. We walk up to the first block and hear it on the other side of the first block. We peak from behind the corner, and we see one the left side of the second block, a construction helmet slightly pealing from around the corner. After 2 seconds it disappeared. We hurried to the other side, but it was gone. We go forward more and we hear cackling, bit it was farther on the fourth block. Luckily the fourth block only had one blind spot which is where the helmet was so he goes around it to try and intercept it. I keep my eye on it. He gives the signal and we both charge to it. It leans back, and we both nearly run into each other. We look down and see an empty construction helmet on the ground. We were dumbstruck. There were no exits. We would have seen whoever if they ran. No place to hide. And either of us would hear if they tried to climb up the fence. We look up and around. No answers. Gerald finally agrees we should leave. We hurry out. I peer over shoulder and after we pass the exit I see it peer slightly over the door way. We bolt to the elevator through the scaffolding. We make it to the elevator and quickly got inside. We hear a wet slapping sound by the scaffolding. We go down. We were both nervous. I still have no idea if someone was fucking with us, or something else. I hate being alone in here.
If anyone wants anymore of my weird graveyard shift casino stories let me know and I'll post.
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[FIGHT PREVIEWS] Wladimir Klitschko vs Alex Leapai, Shinsuke Yamanaka vs Stephane Jamoye, Denis Lebedev vs Guillermo Jones, Juan Francisco Estrada vs Richie Mepranum, Keith Thurman vs Julio Diaz + more

Wednesday April 23

From Castle Hall, Osaka, Japan
Shinsuke Yamanaka 20(15)-0-2 vs Stephane Jamoye 25(15)-4
12 rounds
WBC bantamweight title
In the bantamweight division, there are 2 choices you have when picking the #1 guy in the division. The wrong answer is Anselmo Moreno, but it is a safe one. The right answer is Shinsuke Yamanaka. Yamanaka is one of the more intelligent fighters out there who can sometimes get off to slow starts before figuring out his opponents and making them pay for the mistakes they showed him in the early rounds. Yamanaka is a diverse puncher who’s held the bantamweight crown for 3 years. The last man to make it the full 12 rounds with Yamanaka was Vic Darchinyan. He was the 1 of the last 14 who didn’t get knocked out. Does Jamoye have a chance? The Belgian probably doesn’t. He’s coming off a majority loss against another guy who had just lost! Jamoye has losses to a young Leo Santa Cruz, Jamie McDonnell, and the talented Kameda brother Tomoki. If Yamanaka loses, though it probably won’t register much on the American radar, but on the Japanese scene it would be about as huge an upset as Mayweather losing to someone like Senchenko.

Kiko Martinez 30(22)-4 vs Hozumi Hasegawa 33(15)-4

12 rounds
IBF super bantamweight title
On paper this is a brilliant match-up and maybe if you got in a time machine it would be a competitive fight, but Hasegawa has been on the rebuild for about 2 years now. He was stopped in the span of a year twice by Jhonny Gonzalez and Fernando Montiel. But a few good wins and with his good name, Hasegawa finds himself in a title match with Kiko Martinez who’s had something of a renaissance in his career. The Sergio Martinez touch has definitely worked as Kiko has recovered brilliantly from his loss to Carl Frampton. He looked sensational against Jhonatan Romero and knocked Jeffrey Mathebula out. Despite the impressive wins, Martinez (in my opinion) might be the weak link at super bantamweight. Guillermo Rigondeaux sits on the throne and there’s no way I see Martinez’s style giving him trouble. A win sets Martinez up for a number of interesting fights. He’s an independent and free to move between networks. He can choose if he wants to go to HBO and make an attempt at Rigondeaux, he can try Showtime and Leo Santa Cruz (which I think is the best option), maybe to Boxnation and another crack at Carl Frampton, or the wild card which is over to Sky with a fight with Eddie Hearn’s Scotty Quigg. I actually prefer the Quigg fight. I just want to know what the WBA would do if their title got unified with the IBF’s. Would they make 2 super champions in the division? (Bet Martinez on this one.)

Takahiro Ao 25(12)-3-1 vs Marco Lopez 23(14)-3

10 rounds
light welterweight division
From Emperors Palace, Kempton Park, Gauteng, South Africa

Martin Murray 26(11)-1-1 vs Ishmael Tetteh 29(16)-10-2

10 rounds
middleweight division
You may be asking yourself the following questions: Wait a second, why is Murray fighting a guy with 10 losses? Isn’t this the same guy that has a legit argument that he beat THE middleweight champion of the world in his hometown? Isn’t this guy good? This fight is in South Africa, seriously? Is that the real emperor’s palace? Does South Africa really still have an emperor? I don’t have answers to all those questions, but let’s retrace Murray’s steps and how he got here. How did he go from nearly beating Sergio Martinez and scoring a fight with Gennady Golovkin… to this. It’s real simple actually. Murray has some… criminal activities on his permanent record (/mr bone voice) and isn’t allowed in certain freedom-loving countries. So that limits places where he can fight. Also, immediately after his fight with Martinez, it seemed he’d go into a fight with Golovkin but visa issues prevented that. He was even supposed to appear on the undercard, but that couldn’t be arranged. So he settles for a fringe opponent (Sergey Khomitsky) on the stacked undercard of Mitchell-El Ouazghari (lol, I can’t even remember who the headliner was that night) and he turned in a real stinker. This fight was just as close as the fight with Martinez. I thought Khomitsky beat him. It was an 8 rounder too.
In Murray’s defense, Khomitsky just upset one of Frank Warren’s prized prospect jewels in major fashion so maybe Khomitsky isn’t as bad as I’m making him out to be. Anyway, the only real notable thing about Tetteh is his nickname which is amazing. Tetteh is otherwise known as Black Roy Jones Jr. That alone should make him a slight favorite.

Thursday April 24

From Agua Caliente Casino, Rancho Mirage, California

Josesito Lopez 31(18)-6 vs Aaron Martinez 19(4)-2-1

10 rounds
light welterweight division
This is a special edition of Friday Night Fights. On Thursday. Lopez, aka The Riverside Rocky, is a sometime welterweight, sometime junior middleweight, always entertaining brawler. I think Lopez is Golden Boy’s version of Mike Alvarado (without the gang affiliation and club brawls.) Lopez can box fine, but his natural instinct is to brawl and at some point it will come out. Lopez’s claims to fame are making Victor Ortiz quit and losing a split decision to Jessie Vargas. Lopez’s last performance against Mike Arnaoutis left lots to be desired, but perhaps it was simply a showing of what’s left in Lopez’s tank. Lopez is 29 and has been in numerous wars with guys far bigger than him. You gotta love that about Lopez. He’s a lightweight who fights at a higher weight class simply because he can. It’s not always competitive, but at least you can understand why. Martinez is 32 out of East LA. He’s not particularly heavy handed and hilariously made it a close fight with Jessie Vargas according to CJ Ross, but not according to the other judges. I expect Lopez to put on a thrilling performance and get himself yet another big fight on Showtime.

Thomas Williams Jr 16(11)-0 vs Enrique Ornelas 34(22)-8

10 rounds
light heavyweight division
A pretty quick turnaround for Williams who was last seen on FNF back in late January. It was a one-round thriller against Cornelius White. Both men hit the deck and Williams showed great composure recovering and knocking his man out. Notable story about Williams is that his dad served over a year back in 05 for throwing a fight. If you want to know a little about Ornelas, know this. Beibut Shumenov shut him out on all three scorecards back in 2012.

Friday April 25

From Dynamo Palace of Sports in Krylatskoye, Moscow, Russia

Denis Lebedev 25(19)-2 vs Guillermo Jones 39(31)-3-2

12 rounds
WBA world cruiserweight title
This is a rematch of their brutal first encounter back in 2013. I believe it was payback for the way Lebedev brutalized Roy Jones a couple of years before. When your eye looks like this the fight has to be stopped. How about a closer look? Smoger would let them keep fighting, but hey, that’s Smoger. Guillermo Jones hasn’t lost in almost 10 years, but at 41, the clock is ticking. He was behind on the cards when the fight with Lebedev was stopped. I don’t see the result of this fight changing. I think Lebedev’s eye will swell up and cause the fight to get stopped yet again. Jones will retain the WBA title and maybe have a lucrative unification with Marco Huck in Germany.

Andrey Klimov 16(8)-1 vs Francisco Contreras 22(17)-4

12 rounds
lightweight division

Saturday April 26

From Koenig Pilsener Arena, Oberhausen, Nordrhein-Westfalen, Germany

Wladimir Klitschko 61(51)-3 vs Alex Leapai 30(24)-4-3

12 rounds
IBF heavyweight title
WBO heavyweight title
WBA super world heavyweight title
Lineal heavyweight championship of the world
There are 4 jewels to every divisional crown. Wladimir has 3 while his big brother held the other. With Vitali’s retirement, the jewel was placed up for bid amongst the rest of the competition, but let’s not joke ourselves here. I love Chris Arreola, Bermane Stiverne, Bryant Jennings, and the rest of the gang but the heavyweight champion of the world is Wladimir Klitschko. Wladimir has dominated the division for 8 years and he has seldom lost a round. His opponents include David Haye, Tony “Mrs Thompson is gonna need a wheelchair” Thompson, Alexander Povetkin, Ruslan Chagaev, Fast Eddie Chambers, I can go on and on. Wladimir, once an amateur standout with an Olympic gold medal, made a dramatic transformation early in his career. After getting knocked out, he brought in legendary trainer Emmanuel Steward to do to him what he had done to Lennox Lewis. That is, to teach him to box using his natural assets and to cover up the glaring flaws that made him a vulnerable fighter. What has followed has been one of the most dominating streaks we’ve ever seen in boxing. Leapai has the weight of Australia’s prominence in the world boxing scene on his shoulders (for now until Geale fights again.) Leapai will give up 6 inches of height and reach to Klitschko, but the Samoan won’t give up any in the heart department. Discounting the early career losses, Leapai has made a name for himself as a heavy handed ball of power that some refer to as the Australian Mike Tyson. His 2 more recent fights against world level opposition were his win against Denis Boytsov and his loss to Kevin Johnson. Boytsov was a prospect that some thought could take the reigns from Klitschko when that day came, but alas Leapai made that a fantasy. Johnson actually beat Leapai and even dropped him back in 2012. Johnson hasn’t enjoyed the success Leapai has had since then, but Leapai seems to have learned
How is Leapai going to win? Well if he does win, he’s going to need to figure out a way to get inside. Wladimir is a master at moving his opponents and keeping them where he wants them with a jab. Leapai can’t rely on getting lucky trying to land a big shot. He’s gotta find a way to get past the jab and come inside with something hard. The other thing is when Klitschko grabs onto him when he’s inside, he’s gotta figure out a way to hit him on the way out. I know it might be a little dirty, but you’re not going to beat Klitschko if you play by his rules. Wladimir is one of the most masterful fighters in the game and if he has his way, Leapai will swing at air all night and be smothered by 240 pounds of Ukrainian muscle the rest of the time.

Oleksandr Usyk 2(2)-0 vs Ben Nsafoah 15(8)-9-2

Usyk is a gold medal winner. Good for him.
From Centro Convenciones, Puerto Penasco, Sonora, Mexico

Juan Francisco Estrada 25(18)-2 vs Richie Mepranum 27(6)-3-1

12 rounds
WBA super world flyweight title
WBO flyweight title
If not Akira Yaegashi, I would rank Estrada as the top flyweight in the world. Some may say, wait a minute he fought Roman Gonzalez and lost. Shouldn’t Chocolatito be ranked above him? No. Estrada is a legit flyweight who had vacationed at super flyweight many times before he faced Gonzalez. He fought Gonzalez at junior flyweight and although he lost, Gonzalez was not able to be the destroyer we know him to be in the fight. Following that fight, Estrada went back to flyweight and handily beat Brian Viloria (then considered one of the top flyweights in the world) and won a highly entertaining decision against Milan Melindo. Mepranum, 26 out of the Sarangani Province in the Philippines, isn’t any world beater. This will be the biggest test of his young career.

Hernan Marquez 36(26)-4 vs John Mark Apolinario 17(4)-3-3

10 rounds
super flyweight division
It almost feels like the flyweight division got a little too hot and Marquez decided that his best course of action would be to get the hell out of there. It’s not a bad choice either. Marquez should walk through most of the guys at flyweight if he hasn’t lost anything after the slugfest he lost against Segura last fall. I’d love to see a fight between Marquez and current super flyweight champion Omar Narvaez.
From Oceanview Pavilion, Port Hueneme, California

Saul Rodriguez 12(9)-0-1 vs Miguel Zamudio 29(16)-3-1

8 rounds
super featherweight division

Jose Zepeda 18(16)-0 vs Robert Frankel 32(6)-14-1

8 rounds
lightweight division

Shane Mosley Jr vs Mark Cordova 0-1

4 rounds
middleweight division
The son of a legend make his debut! What are the odds that they someday fight on the same card?
Showtime card previews in the comments
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What's the best place for a counter to live?

I've been learning to count the past couple months so I have a lot to learn still, but I have the option to work remotely 6 months from now and I'm considering a place where blackjack is easily accessible. Right now I'm in the bay area and the only standard blackjack available is at indian casinos due to California laws.
Ideally, I'd like to make counting a "serious" hobby that I do on weekends and after work. My initial guess is that the best option is Vegas due to the volume of casinos. I've also read on this sub that PA has generous laws regarding blackjack rules. I'm not planning to live in this place forever; I just want to take counting seriously for a year or two and see where it takes me.
I'd appreciate some input from the veterans out there!
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Who's up right now? Just some bored ramblings.

What are you guys doing? What's your plans for the day? Later on today I am going down to San Manuel Indian Bingo and Casino in Southern California for a little No Limit Hold Em. Maybe I'll get lucky & win some monster pots so when I get home I can buy a bunch of 20s & play Skyrim comfortably numb :)
I've been coming to /opiates a lot lately when I'm jonesing. I take an odd comfort when I read your posts & see people in the same boat as me when I can't get my hands on anything. I actually had a lucky day 2day & got a bunch of goodies for free.
Does anyone else hit up this sub when you cant get your hands on anything? It's almost like living vicariously through the op-porn people post. Sorry for my ramblings, I just felt like chatting with some like minded friends of this sub, plus its 4:28am here in Southern Cali & I cannot sleep.
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Full Moon salutations this evening during a yoga retreat at a local casino/resort: Instead of OMing we all howled like wolves.

This evening at this yoga event held at Pala Casino in southern California, the teacher explained that the first full moon in January is known as the "wolf" moon, so she asked all 50+ of us to howl at the moon instead of OMing, before doing our moon salutations in the hotel courtyard.
The combined noise was pretty loud, and brought all the hotel guests out to stare at us through their windows, "What the heck are those crazy people doing down there?"
I know, this being Reddit it's pics or it didn't happen. I think there may be pictures posted later, but I was too busy howling to take any. Maybe you just had to be there, but it was pretty funny.
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Our 1st Time At Chumash Casino Resort In Santa Barbara ... Driving Downtown - Las Vegas 4K - USA - YouTube Farthest Throw from Giant Tower Wins - YouTube PLAYING BRAND NEW $5 CASINO CASH CALIFORNIA LOTTERY ... HUGE WINS! I PLAY EVERY QUICK HIT SLOT MACHINE IN THE ... INTO THE NIGHT! - Single Pilot IFR Flight - YouTube Harrahs Southern California Resort and Casino Vlog and ... Working For A Tribal Indian Casino in California - YouTube Theres A NEW Casino In California! Aqua Caliente Cathedral ... Best 2 Online Casino in California with Real Money Review ...

Over the last 30 days, casino resorts in California have been available starting from $104, though prices have typically been closer to $125. Price estimates were calculated on October 17, 2020. See the latest prices. Prices are the average nightly price provided by our partners and may not include all taxes and fees. Taxes and fees that are shown are estimates only. Please see our partners ... California holds the second largest gambling & casino list in America. The state is second only to Nevada, largely due to the number of casinos in Las Vegas. California also has a state lottery, daily lottery results can be found here: California lottery results California Casinos differ from Vegas style casinos in part because they are all Native American Indian Casinos. I-5 Interstate Highway is 1,381 miles long and runs south to north from California to Washington. Only casinos with slot machines are shown, poker rooms and racetracks are not shown. There are a total of 15 casinos near the I-5 Interstate Highway, 6 in California, one in Oregon and 8 in Washington. Select the casino name for full address to plug into your mobile GPS. Back to page showing all ... Rain Rock Casino – Exit I-5 at the Moonlit Oaks Avenue exit in Yreka in Northern California to try your luck at slots and table games at Rain Rock Casino. Discover penny slots, video poker ... The Southern California Harrah’s Casino & Hotel is located in Valley center and provides not less than 1,700 slot machines including games such as Dungeon & Dragons, Pin Panther, Colossal Diamond and Sphinx 3D. The offer does not stop here and features many gaming tables like Rincon Craps, Mystery Card Roulette, Blackjack or EZ Baccarat. Within the hotel, in addition to luxurious rooms, the ... The real money online casino world depends on bonuses to attract and retain players. With no physical location and no way to see the player face to face, a casino must find a compelling reason for you to make a deposit to try out their Casino California I 5 games, and the most common way to do so is to Casino California I 5 give you a significant match play bonus to go Casino California I 5 ... Cache Creek Casino is one of the most popular casino resorts in California. Undergoing a huge expansion, this casino will become one of the biggest and rank as one of the best. Thousands of games to be enjoyed, round the clock fun and excitement, golf and wine, shopping and fine dining, it is the complete package. Gaming. Slots – There are over thousands of slot and electronic gaming ... At Rolling Hills Casino on Interstate 5 in Northern California, it’s better to play. Hotels, casino, restaurants, RV park, golf, hunting, fishing and more. skip to main content. Sunday-Thursday 7am-3am • Friday & Saturday 7am-4am. YOUR SAFETY MATTERS: COVID-19 UPDATES. Toggle navigation. Location; RV Park; Guest Photos ; Toggle navigation Menu. Hotels. The Lodge at Rolling Hills; The Inn ... Indian Casinos: The legal age to gamble in a California Indian casino is 18 years or older. However, most Indian casinos serve alcohol and have set the minimum age to 21 to comply with their state-issued alcohol license. Some casinos allow people under 18 or 21 years old to enter unrestricted areas in their building, but you should check with the casino first before visiting. Other casinos ... A drive along the length of California on Interstate 5 rolls out the state's famous scenery, from the Pacific coastline to mountainous forests, with a sprinkling of Indian casinos to try your luck ...

[index] [22783] [17915] [14591] [27192] [13533] [29228] [14971] [7342] [24668] [30075]

Our 1st Time At Chumash Casino Resort In Santa Barbara ...

Our 1st Time At Chumash Casino Resort In Santa Barbara California!!!Whats good SC Fam?! In todays video, we head to Chumash Casino Resort to play some slot m... Playing Another Brand New California Scratcher $5 Casino Cash :)Scratching Tools For Sale: To Win The Lottery Books: https://amzn.... These are the best 2 online casino in california with real money + fastest payouts under review for 2021.Bovada - 10... Driving Downtown - Las Vegas Nevada USA - Episode 47.Starting Point: Las Vegas Boulevard .Las Vegas, officially the City of... Working For A Tribal Indian Casino in California TIPS! Join the Kenos at Harrahs Southern California Resort and Casino as we surprise Cinamon at her 1000 subscriber celebration... win some Quick Hit money and rev... Time to throw some planes off a GIANT tower! Thanks for subscribing! - by War*Hall: "What A Day" Click HERE to listen on ... Theres A NEW Casino In California! Aqua Caliente Cathedral CityWhats good SC Fam?! In todays video, we head to the new Aqua Caliente Casino in Cathedral City... Thanks for Watching HUGE WINS! I PLAY EVERY QUICK HIT SLOT MACHINE IN THE CASINO! Winning W/ SDGuy1234! Like the video? Thumbs it up! Love the video? Leave a... Click "Show More" for the giveaway links, music used in the video, and to follow along on social media! Proudly sponsored by:MZeroA Flight Training http://pr...